World Pharmacists Day Celebrated at PDH

Monday, 26 September 2016
World Pharmacists Day on September 25 has given Portland District Health an opportunity to highlight the vital role played by the hospital’s pharmacy staff.

Chief pharmacist John Okaroh said the day helped to create awareness so the public and other health professionals are more aware of their role and how they care for patients.

Looking after medication is an essential part of hospital care, Mr Okaroh said.

There can be flow-on effects if patients don't take their medications according to the prescriptions, he said.

That's why we tell patients that they need to observe all the directions that come with their medication, like whether they need to take their medication with or without food.

The theme of 2016 World Pharmacists Day is `caring for you and Mr Okaroh says this is a good reflection of the service provided by the profession.

We Care for you, he said. We care for patients and the whole community which is in line with PDH new logo 'Our Community, Your health'. We're not just providers of medicine; we’re providers of care. You don't need an appointment, just pop in and see us.

Patients can also care for themselves by following the advice of their pharmacist.

People don't always follow directions and that's a big worry, Mr Okaroh said. We want to create awareness that when you go to your pharmacist you really have to ask questions and follow the advice.

Mr Okaroh said people coming to hospital for surgical procedures and other planned admissions need to prepare and be particularly mindful of following medication instructions.

We want patients to know how to prepare before coming to hospital, Mr Okaroh said. If you have surgery booked you need to have your medication organised and bring them with you. Having a list of what you take is very important. That makes the job a bit easier for us.

There are eight members in the PDH pharmacy team which also includes clinical pharmacist Morkous Elkomos.

PDH uses an electronic medication management system for prescribing and administration of medicine to ensure best practice and meet high safety and quality standards.

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