Wig Bank To Ease Distress Of Hair Loss

Photo from Left: Brooke Kelly-PDH Cancer Support Nurse, Lorraine Pfeiffer-Cancer patient & Meredith Fredericks RSL Bowling Club ladies sub-section president
Friday, 9 September 2016
Hair loss during cancer chemotherapy can be one of the most upsetting aspects of treatment due to its obvious visibility.

Now Portland District Health is helping patients to ease that distress with the creation of Portland's first wig bank.

Cancer patients are now able to choose from 16 different synthetic wigs in the PDH wig bank.

Cancer support nurse Brooke Kelly said it was the first time a wig bank has been offered in Portland and it would save cancer clients from travelling to Warrnambool or beyond.

People accessing the service need to be a registered cancer client with Ms Kelly and need to be undergoing chemotherapy.

We can make an appointment to try on different kinds of wigs and if they find something they're happy with we then give them education around how to care for it, Mrs Kelly said.

People accessing the wig bank will need to sign a consent form and pay a $50 deposit hire fee which is refunded when the wig is returned.

It's something cancer clients have been asking about, particularly members of the support group, Mrs Kelly said.

She said that people undergoing chemotherapy go through many physical changes, including hair loss. Their hair is an important part of their identity. This service means they can borrow something to help them feel better about themselves until their hair grows back.

The wig bank has different styles in long, medium and short lengths in grey, brown and blonde.

We've tried to cover all different styles and types of hair, Mrs Kelly said.

Male wigs could be purchased if there was demand.

The wig bank has been supported by the Portland RSL Memorial Bowling Club Ladies Sub Section and Liz Farnsworth, Sheryl McCubbin and Sue Holmes have donated wigs they no longer need.

They are synthetic wigs, the most commonly used in wig banks.

For more information please call Brooke Kelly on PH:5521 0674.

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