Volunteers enjoy a double celebration

Bob Caldow, Ian Campbell and Rudy LeGray enjoying the night.
Pauline McDonald, Heather Burton
Ida Telelein, Betty Hollis, Pat Barker, Gail Nepean, Nola Brogan, Maureen Allan, Jenny Hutchins
Alwin Bothe, Jenny Preece,Lois Bothe,Lola Schwarz,John Schwarz,Barry Brunt,Eunice Brunt
Friday, 14 December 2012
Volunteers at Portland District Health celebrated International Day of the Volunteer as well as Christmas with a B-B-Q lunch on Wednesday 5 December.

The celebration was organised by the hospital’s Board of Management to thank the 240 people who provided a total of 16,059 hours of time to the organisation and its patients last financial year.

“Volunteers are an important aspect of the organisation; a dedicated and enthusiastic group of people sharing their time, skills and life experiences with us and adding support to clients and staff” Volunteer manager Carolyn Malseed said.

“They add value to the services we provide by making the commitment on an ongoing basis”.

Volunteers work is a number of sections of PDH, as well as providing pastoral care, water exercise, Tele care, Telelink, community transport and support for the laughter group, National Diabetes Supply Scheme and planned activity group.

The ‘Transit Lounge’ was a new volunteering opportunity created this year.

They provide discharged patients with an area to wait in the acute ward if they need to be picked up or are waiting prescriptions, medication lists or information from a pharmacist.

Volunteers have freed up staff that need to prepare for new patients, but also know they can call on nurses if they need any assistance.

Ms Malseed said the number of volunteer hours given to the hospital had nearly doubled in the past four years.

“By providing time, enthusiasm and dedication, these volunteers allow our organisation to run programs that add value to our community and other services”.

STORY BY Portland Observer

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