Volunteer Wins Individual State Awards

Ellie Lane after winning Individual Volunteers Award with Health Minister David Davis
From Left: Ida Tevelein, Gail Baulch, Dr Sally Cockburn, Ellie Lane (Volunteer Team)
Thursday, 15 May 2014
Ellie Lane volunteers for the community and for her own satisfaction, not for any formal recognition.

But Mrs Lane concedes she was shaking and had a tear in her eye when she was announced this week as one of two rural 2014 Minister for Health Volunteer award winners.

Mrs Lane received her individual volunteer award from Minister for Health David Davis in Melbourne on Wednesday, May 14.

Speaking after the awards ceremony, Mrs Lane admitted she was still shaking.

It was nice to be recognised but I don't do it for that. I volunteer for the community and my own satisfaction, she said.

Portland has been good to me and I like to give something back. It is good to keep busy.

Mrs Lane said she hoped her award would prompt other people to volunteer.

There is so much volunteering that could be done but not enough people to go around.

Mrs Lane previously received a Member of Parliament's Award from Wannon MP Dan Tehan as part of the 2013 National Volunteers Award.

PDH's palliative care volunteers were also nominated for the team awards.

PDH Manager of Volunteers, Carolyn Malseed, said both nominees were worthy of recognition.

It is wonderful that Ellie has received this award,she said.

She is very humble about what she does but she makes a great contribution to PDH and the Portland community.

Ms Malseed said the win was an emotional one.

We both cried a bit when it was announced but it was lovely for Ellie to have her efforts rewarded,she said.

For information on volunteering at PDH see the information on the PDH website www.pdh.net.au or contact Carolyn Malseed, 55221182.

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