Visiting oncology service starts

Doctor Mustafa Khasraw is the new visiting oncologist for Portland District Health.
Friday, 25 May 2012
PORTLAND’S new oncology service is now up and running with a monthly visiting service to Portland District Health (PDH).

Dr Mustafa Khasraw will visit PDH every month for
consultations — a major breakthrough for the local
community, which will reduce the need to travel long
distances for care.

The visits are funded as part of the planned
chemotherapy day unit for PDH, announced in May last
year, with this being the first in a number of stages to be
implemented as part of the unit.

Dr Khasraw is a consultant medical oncologist at
Andrew Love Cancer Centre, Geelong, and an honorary
medical oncologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in
Melbourne. He is also a research fellow and a senior
clinical lecturer at Deakin University’s School of

After his medical oncology training in Sydney
he undertook an oncology fellowship in the US at
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre, New York,
in neuro-oncology and in breast cancer. During his
fellowship he participated in designing and conducting
clinical and translational studies.

Dr Khasraw is currently involved in numerous
collaborative research projects across different tumour
streams. He focuses on clinical investigation of novel
chemotherapeutic and targeted agents in the treatment
of cancer. Over the past two years he has been the first
author (doing the majority of work) on more than 20
manuscripts and book chapters and he acts as a reviewer
for a number of scientific journals.

Dr Khasraw made his first official visit to PDH on May 9.

Story by Portland Observer.  Picture by Josh Nash, Portland Observer

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