Urgent Care Centre A Daily Life Saver

Tuesday, 15 November 2016
The Portland District Health Urgent Care Centre is proving to be a daily life-saver for the local community.

Figures presented to the PDH annual general meeting show 6960 people needed its services in 2015-16.

CEO Chris Giles told the AGM that the centre had changed its name from accident and emergency to urgent care when the emergency helipad was launched.

However, it had been operating for several years in the capacity of an urgent care centre and its function hadn't changed.

Ms Giles said that on average 1-2 people every month needed immediate resuscitation for a life threatening condition.

Two people per day had imminently life threatening or time critical conditions, six people per day had potentially life threatening conditions and nine had potentially serious conditions, while others presented with non-urgent conditions but needed care.

PDH also arranged for the safe transfer of 48 critically ill patients to a tertiary hospital for treatment.

The health service also arranged and transferred 268 patients to regional health services for treatment of a complex condition not able to be managed at PDH.

Ms Giles said nothing had changed in the service provided to the community, despite the name change. People can be assured that if they come to the urgent care centre they will continue to receive the same level of care,she said.

We're also the front door to the wider Victorian health system with the helipad outside the door.

During the year PDH also reconfirmed its safe quality care with full reaccreditation across all standards.

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