Urgent Care Centre - New Unit Manager

Deb Tozer (Urgent Care Centre Manager)
Tuesday, 17 March 2015
Dealing with everything from minor injuries to life-threatening major trauma is all in a day’s work for Deb Tozer.

After 22 years as a nurse in the Portland District Health Urgent Care Centre, Mrs Tozer was recently appointed as the Nursing Unit Manager for the centre.

It is a challenge she approaches brimful of passion.

The hospital accident and emergency area is part of me, it's like part of the family, she said.

I'm part of this community and want the best possible provision of emergency healthcare for our community.

We've got a fantastic team of doctors and nurses and I was pleased to step up and take the challenge to continue developing the department and improving the communitys knowledge of what we do.

Mrs Tozer has dedicated her working life to emergency nursing, not only at the PDH centre but for 15 years as a community ambulance officer in Portland.

I guess I'm an adrenalin junkie, like most emergency nurses, she said.

Since 1993 she has noticed a gradual growth in both numbers and complexities of patients presenting at the emergency department.

When I started we had one nurse per shift and GPs. Today we have three nurses per shift plus on-site doctors and we have 23 nursing staff on our roster, she said.

We offer a very thorough and professional service and want the community to have confidence that Portland has a great emergency department.

Mrs Tozer said she had noticed a shift towards more complex cases presenting at the department. We see sicker people with more complex needs, and deal with everything from minor injuries to major trauma.

I think people are more aware of the need to respond quickly to health problems, which is a good thing.

The PDH Urgent Care Unit easily meets all national triage standards and is 100 per cent compliant in seeing critical category one patients within the prescribed time.

Mrs Tozer added that it was an exciting time to be starting the role with the new helipad opening this year. That's something that Portland and the hospital have been fighting for for many years.

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