Transition Care Program Offered at PDH

Michelle Jenner - TCP Program Nurse & Mrs Helen Knight
Friday, 18 September 2015
Helen Knight is not only feeling better, she’s feeling more confident about life after completing a program at Portland District Health.

Mrs Knight, 84, has moved into Harbourside Lodge after undertaking the Transition Care Program which helped her to weigh up her care needs.

Because my blindness increased, I couldn't stay at Seaview House, she said. I became sick so I was admitted to hospital and was then transferred into the Transition Care Program.

This turned out to a good move.

It was absolutely excellent. It brought my confidence back, which I didn't have a shred of, she said.

Portland District Health TCP occupational therapist Briony Trace worked with Mrs Knight to improve her physical prowess, mobility and her confidence and to put her in touch with other services such as Vision and Hearing Australia.

I think just being there and being cared for helped me to regain my confidence, she said.

At Sea View they are wonderful but you have to do quite a bit for youself and that's not what I need now. The Transition Care Program gave me extra time to work out what I needed and where I needed to go. Harbourside was the best option for me.

Mrs Knight lived in Stawell before moving to Portland and most recently lived at Seaview House for 18 months.

Mrs Knight had an operation which failed to improve her sight but did improve the pressure around her eyes and she has now returned to using her walking frame.

We're hoping I'll be able to continue with what little sight I've got, she said.

The Transition Care Program helps people to regain their independence and confidence as they recover from an actute illnesses while giving families time to decide on long-term care arrangements for their loved ones.

Program coordinator Michelle Jenner said that after the 12-week program patients/clients and their families are in a better position to decide on long-term care.

The program is aimed at older patients at the end of their acute and sub-acute hospital stay who require more time to recuperate and regain confidence before going home or into care.

The program uses a strong therapy focus with support from physiotherapists, occupational therapists and dedicated nurses.

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