Transition Care Program Helps Regain Independence During Recovery

Photo: Bery Kinghorn-Patient & Terri Gull-Nurse
Friday, 2 June 2017
Returning home was a top priority for Beryl Kinghorn after having a hip operation in Adelaide last December.

Mrs Kinghorn was firstly keen to get back to Portland, her home since 1971, and was able to return to Portland District Health a week after her operation.

Six weeks later the next phase of her rehabilitation and return to a normal home life happened thanks to PDH’s Transition Care Program.

On February 16 Mrs Kinghorn was allowed to go home but her care continued.

The Transition Care Program helps people to regain their independence and confidence as they recover from an acute illnesses while giving families time to decide if long-term care arrangements are needed for their loved ones.

The program uses a strong therapy focus with support from physiotherapists, occupational therapists and dedicated nurses and can help with shopping and other appointments, home help services and Meals on Wheels if required.

Mrs Kinghorn said she had made a good recovery from surgery and appreciated the support provided by the Transition Care Program.

It made it a lot easier for me to return home, she said.

The specialist has given me the all clear. I use a walking stick to get around outside but otherwise I’m ok to walk around my home.

She has now settled into her usual home life.

Mrs Kinghorn had a similar operation about five years ago before the Transition Care Program was introduced and said the recovery process was much easier this time around.

After the 12-week program which involves hospital and home-based care, patients/clients and their families are in a better position to decide on long-term care.

The program is aimed at older patients at the end of their acute and sub-acute hospital stay who require more time to recuperate and regain confidence before going home or into care.

For further information contact Natalie Herbertson, Sub-Acute Manager PH: 5521 0345.

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