Top Marks for Obstetrics Doctors at PDH

Tuesday, 22 October 2013
Portland District Health’s obstetrics service has been boosted with the hospital’s two obstetrics doctors receiving top marks in a new course.

Drs Ghazala and Fariha Irshad have both successfully completed the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics course, with Dr Ghazala recording the highest theory score of 98 per cent and Dr Fariha one of the highest scoring candidates in oral exams with 95 per cent.

The course is highly regarded for maternity care providers and delivers training in the management of obstetric emergencies.

Dr Ghazala said the course had been beneficial and covered critical care topics such as management of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, preterm labour and preterm rupture of membranes, obstructed labour, instrumental delivery, shoulder dystocia, breech delivery, bleeding during pregnancy and delivery, hypertension, complications of hypertension, and many more.

“In obstetrics you cannot always predict what will happen so it is important to have skills to be able to help in emergency situations,” she said.

Dr Ghazala said the two-day course in Melbourne used simulation drills to cover all the problems likely to arise in pregnancy and child birth.

PDH generally handles low and intermediate risk births while high risk births are moved to South West Healthcare in Warrnambool. However, all Portland district mothers including those considered at high risk can be cared for at the antenatal clinic under supervision of obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Michael Koutsoukis.

“We try to help Portland women locally as much as we can,” Dr Ghazala added.

Dr Ghazala said members of the obstetrics team at PDH were constantly updating their skills.

“It should reassure the community that the team keeps up-to-date and wants to excel in the care being provided,” she said.

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