Time For Flu Vaccination

Friday, 15 April 2016
Winter is just around the corner so the time is right for protecting against serious seasonal viruses.

Flu vaccinations are now available at Active Health Portland and local residents are being encouraged to take the precautionary measure.

Elderly people and those with a compromised immune system are particularly advised to take the flu vaccination.

The shot is available for free for many vulnerable people, including people aged 65 and older, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged under five years and older than 15 years, people with cardiac disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory conditions and other chronic conditions.

Pregnant women are also strongly advised to protect themselves with immunisation from the flu as this illness can have serious consequences for both mother and unborn child, and the vaccine is safe to administer in pregnancy.

This year's vaccination has been expanded to protect against four different strains of flu, as there was a record number of reported cases in 2015.

Last year's vaccination protected Australians from three different strains, but this has been expanded in 2016 to include the Brisbane and Phuket strains of influenza which contributed to the record 90,000 reported flu cases in 2015.

Composition of the influenza vaccination has taken into account World Health Organisation recommendations.

Active Health Portland clinical director Marg Garde said more people understood the benefits of taking the vaccine.

It is particularly important for elderly people and those whose immunity is not good, Dr Garde said.

Workplaces are also actively promoting the benefits of the flu vaccination.

The flu can not only result in serious health problems for people, it can have a big impact on productivity in local industries and work places,Dr Garde said.

Staff vaccinations can be a good investment for workplaces,she said.

Active Health Portland and Portland District Health set a good example in this regard and have a very high rate of vaccination among staff.

Dr Garde also advised people with flu symptoms to see their doctor at the earliest opportunity.

People can make an appointment with Active Health Portland on 55 221200.

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