Telecare Provides Reasurrance

Photo: Jeanette Beauglehole
Thursday, 25 May 2017
Jeanette Beauglehole has had a lot of “delightful conversations” over the past few years as a volunteer for Portland District Health’s Telecare program.

The subjects on the end of the line are the ones benefitting from the call, but volunteers like Mrs Beauglehole also enjoy their morning chats.

Telecare is a free telephone service providing reassurance and social support to about 20 Portland district people. It operates every weekday except public holidays between 8.30 and 10am and provides a friendly, good morning call from a trained volunteer. If the participant fails to answer the coordinator implements a pre-arranged procedure to monitor their wellbeing.

Mrs Beauglehole said the callers form strong relationships with the Telecare clients.

You get to know the people and have some delightful conversations, she said.

We go through a few regular conversation points to make sure they are okay, but they also like to know that we're going well.

The phone calls only take a few minutes but they provide an important sense of reassurance for the residents and their families.

It is one of the services that help people to stay in their homes for longer,Mrs Beauglehole said.

They really appreciate the friendly calls and it's a nice and easy way to check on things.

Mrs Beauglehole has been a PDH volunteer for about nine years and also contributes to palliative care and helps each Thursday with other long-term volunteers in taking a kiosk trolley and flowers to hospital patients and helping with filing.

There are now 11 volunteers supporting the program with daily calls to 10 clients. Telecare averages about 2200 calls per year.

The service is open to more volunteers and clients to be engaged.

If this service would be of benefit to you, a family member or friend, please contact volunteers coordinator Trish Rawlings on 5522 1402.

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