Tasting Good, Looking Good

Thursday, 7 March 2013
Puree food now looks as good as it tastes for elderly residents of Harbourside Lodge.

A new range of food moulds have been introduced which changes the appearance of texture modified diets to look like the real thing.

For example, if residents are eating puree carrots or chops, they will be shaped to look like carrots and chops.

The Catering Department has recently introduced the food moulds for shaping puree food into realistic shapes.  They replace the previously used round scoops.

While the meals are more aesthetically pleasing, there is a serious side to the new-look food.

Service Development Manager Grant Muddle said the more appealing look was likely to encourage residents to eat more.

“One issue that comes up in aged care is the need to encourage residents to eat more.  When their calorie intake goes up, so does their quality of life,” Grant said.

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