Surgery Close to Home

Isabelle Richardson
Friday, 12 June 2015
All two-year-olds are known to have a tantrum or two but Paul and Tiana Richardson were starting to worry about the regular mood swings – and the snoring – of their daughter Isabelle.

Late last year they decided to consult their GP who noticed Isabelle had large tonsils and referred her for a specialist consultation in Hamilton.

The fears were realised and it was recommended Isabelle's oversize tonsils be removed because they were causing sleep apnoea.

The surgery took place on April 23 at Portland District Health and the Richardsons couldn't be happier with the care or the outcomes.

It was Isabelle's first operation and naturally her parents were concerned.

I was a bit uneasy,Mrs Richardson said but the theatre staff were amazing. They put me at ease and made it like an exciting adventure for Isabelle.

Mrs Richardson said the personal touch of all staff made the process so much easier.

One of the theatre nurses knew there would be a lot of kids that day so she brought in a bag of toys for them to play with. Isabelle thought that was great.

Likewise, Mrs Richardson was made comfortable. They kept me really well informed the anaesthetist explained how she would react so I already had in my mind what was going to happen and it wasn't scary.

Mrs Richardson was reassured Isabelle was in good hands and left during surgery which was done by visiting specialist Dr Anne Cass. Isabelle didn't even know I wasn't there, which would have been comforting, she said.

Everything went to plan and Isabelle was home within six hours.

We've just had a follow-up appointment and everything is fine. It's healed beautifully and she's had no problems post-surgery, Mrs Richardson said.

Isabelle's snoring has gone and her behaviour and mood swings are much better.

Having the operation in Portland made life much easier. Mr Richardson could visit in his lunch break and Mrs Richardson was able to continue feeding younger daughter Evie.

The care we received was just fabulous,she said.

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