Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy Services Hit The SPOT

From Left: Lauren Agar-Occupational Therapist, Bronwyn Keiller-Social Worker, Justine Watts-Dietitian, Fiona Heenan, Director of Primary & Community Health
Monday, 15 February 2016
Children and families using services at Portland District Health now have a SPOT to call their own.

The new SPOT Room has derived its name from speech pathology and occupational therapy services which are the mainstay of the dedicated facility, but the room offers a home to all types of programs to support children and their families.

PDH Director of Primary and Community Health, Fiona Heenan, said the facility was a place for children and families to feel comfortable and get the help they need.

It will be for any services for children, Ms Heenan said. In addition to speech pathology and occupational therapy, it may be used for counselling and other learning opportunities.

It's also there for family meetings and conferencing and care coordination to develop plans of care with the children and their families.

The room has been set up to be child friendly, with plenty of space, toys and activities.

There is plenty of room for a whole family and different health professional involved in their care, Ms Heenan said.

It makes children feel at ease which makes families feel comfortable. This helps with communication involving children during the assessment process, she said.

Our staff can observe the children in a relaxed setting that will help with the management and implementation of treatment they may require.

The room has been established in the new Primary and Community Health Precinct.

PDH also has two new occupational therapists who are replacing Lauren Agar and Alicia Tavare who are both on maternity leave.

Chloe Juri has filled the graduate occupational therapist position while Briony Trace has transferred from the transition care program to a full-time O.T. position.

PDH has also welcomed occupational therapist Michelle McIntosh who specialises in hand therapy. Michelle will work from specialist clinic every Friday and is now available for appointments.

PDH Specialist Centre PH: 5522 1410

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