Specialist Support for People With Injury or Illness

Photo kindly provided by Portland Observer
Thursday, 13 February 2014
Portland District Health is expanding its range of rehabilitation programs that help in the recovery of local people who have an injury or ongoing illnesses.

The State Government funded Subacute Ambulatory Care Services (SACS) programs are part of PDH community services. These community-based programs provide specialist group and one-on-one support for local people and bring together the expertise of several allied health and community nursing staff.

The programs now include cardiac rehabilitation, Landing on Your feet (falls prevention), orthopaedic rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation and there is a general rehabilitation group. PDH is also investigating the introduction of an oncology rehabilitation program and a new Fit for Surgery program.

The groups usually last 6-8 weeks and involve two exercise sessions per week at the 80sqm Active Health Portland gym and one weekly education session that cover topics including diet and podiatry.

Occupational Therapist and Early Intervention Team Leader Jacki Barnett said participants in the programs show great improvement.

“We work with clients to help them to implement lifestyle changes based on their goals and to improve their health after an injury or being diagnosed with an ongoing condition, Ms Barnett said.

The groups usually have capacity for up to eight people, but individual support is also available.

There is no cost for the programs.

The programs take referrals but they are not essential.  “It does help if we have information from a clients doctor but we are also keen to hear directly from people who may be eligible and would benefit from the programs,” Ms Barnett said.

Demand has been steadily growing for the services which have been built up over the past financial year when the SACS funding was allocated.

People wishing to find out more information about the programs can contact the Henry Mailing Health Services Centre on 55 210653.

Photo kindly supplied by Portland Observer.

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