Social Media Day - 30 June

social media
Monday, 6 July 2015
Social Media Day was held on the 30th of June. Information about using Facebook, Instragram and Twitter was available.

Portland District Health has already embraced social media and is now helping staff to better understand the process.

As part of Social Media Day on June 30, PDH hosted information sessions informing staff of how to use social media, where it’s being used and how to use it safely and responsibly.  There was also an Instagram photo booth set up for staff practice how to take and post photos.

Health Information Manager, Claire Holt, said PDH was contributing to local social media conversation through both Facebook and Twitter and wanted to make sure staff know how to use the sites safely and to get the full benefit from them. 

Ms Holt said most feedback received on PDH’s social media sites was positive but the health service listened to all comments.

“We encourage people to come directly to PDH if they have any problems, but if concerns are aired on social media we always follow up directly with the person so we can talk through any issues,” she said.

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