Sliding Doors To Help Prevent Drug Relapses

Thursday, 6 April 2017
A new program starting in Portland in April will give people a chance to beat their alcohol and drug problems.

Sliding Doors is an intensive, non-residential rehabilitation program that helps people with life and employability skills and gives them strategies to avoid relapsing into addiction.

The program is being offered by the Portland District Health drug and alcohol team as part of the Great South Coast Drug Treatment Consortium.

The Sliding Doors program was successfully piloted in Warrnambool and has been modified for the Portland region.

Portland District Health AOD Family Support Project Officer Wendy Howe said Sliding Doors could change people’s lives.

The recovery-based model is for people who have made a commitment to stop using their drug of concern.

It is a day rehabilitation program that supports people who could have had a variety of drug and alcohol issues, Ms Howe said.

There are no residential detox and rehabilitation programs in our region and those in Melbourne can’t keep up with the demand, she said.

This gives people an opportunity to take part in a therapeutic day program in their own town and gives them links to services and community groups.

The program aims to change the thinking of people with addiction problems and provide them with skills to maintain motivation to stop their substance abuse.

The weekly sessions include work skills exercises, art therapy, healthy living opportunities with advice from an exercise physiologist and dietitian, relapse prevention and relaxation.

We aim to build on their work and life skills and help them to look at how addiction not only impacts on their lives but also on their family and friends, Ms Howe said.

The eight-week program starts on April 4. People can refer to the program through ACSO Connect on 1300 022 760 or medical professionals can speak to a member of the experienced AOD Counselling team 55 210350.

It has been funded as part of the Victorian Government's Ice Action Plan.

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