Sleep Studies Unit At PDH Helps Locals

Raelene Faure - Trained Sleep Studies Nurse
Thursday, 16 July 2015
Getting a good sleep is an essential ingredient to a healthy life.

Anyone who has battled with insomnia, sleep apnoea or other sleep disorders will know how tough life can be.

Portland District Health has a sleep studies unit that is helping more and more people to address their sleeping problems.

The new three-pronged system was introduced earlier this year and includes the REMLogic, Rhinometry and CPAP programs which are used to address a variety of sleep-related problems.

RemLogic is a diagnostic system that attaches to the body and monitors sleep, breathing patterns, position and respiratory effort.

Rhinometry is a diagnostic measurement of the nose and the nasal cavity to check if there any blockages.

CPAP machines open your airway to help breathing and address sleep apnoea and snoring problems.

Three of PDH's nursing staff, Raelene Faure, Lorraine Hiscock and Sandy Jennings, are specially trained in sleep studies.

Ms Faure said the techniques were now well advanced and didn’t cause too much disruption for patients.

We can basically fit the machines and let the patient try to have a good sleep, she said.

There has been increasing demand for the service which is now in use three nights most weeks.

All people using the sleep studies service must be referred by the G.P. The services are bulk billed.

The results are often very good and can address long-term sleep and health problems.

We've had a lot of good feedback from people who say they've really been helped, Ms Faure said.

The techniques can be used to address a variety of issues, from snoring to just feeling tired during the day.

The new systems are much more streamlined than old sleep studies techniques.

Some patients are surprised at how well they sleep during the night, Ms Faure said.

We're very friendly and make it comfortable for people,she added.

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