Settling In

PDH Chief Executive Officer Christine Giles
Friday, 1 March 2013
New CEO Chris Giles is pleased that PDH is living up to her expectations.

Just a few months into her new role, Chris is enjoying the challenge of ensuring the local community has a safe and responsive health service.

“Everyone has been very accommodating in helping me find my feet and understand what PDH does,” Chris said.

“We have very dedicated staff who strive for excellence and respond to patient needs.  PDH  has lived up to my expectations as a tidy, clean and well maintained hospitals that has a very pleasant atmosphere” she said.

“If you have to be a patient in a hospital, PDH is a good place to be.”

Now Chris would like to learn more from local residents about how PDH can better serve their needs.

“I’d like to ask why some people choose to go to Hamilton or Warrnambool, especially for surgery which can be performed her in Portland” she said.

Chris is adopting an open door policy to hear from the community. “We would like to know what people want here at PDH. We will listen and be proactive in our response,” she said.

Chris is keen to increase gynaecology, plastic surgery and children’s health services.

“We will attempt to respond to all feedback and suggestions.”

After moving from the Torres Strait, Chris has quickly adapted to the cooler climate of Portland.  “It is one of Victoria’s best kept secrets.  The town and region has a huge amount to offer to people seeking an escape from the rat race.”

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