Remember Blue Ribbon Foundation

Tuesday, 29 September 2015
Portland District Health remembers and is a grateful community member.

The Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation perpetuates the memory of members of the Victoria Police killed in the line of duty through the support of worthwhile community projects within Victoria.

In total, 159 Victoria Police members have been killed in the line of duty. Of these, 30 have been murdered, which underlines the dangers police members face on a daily basis.

We can do nothing to bring them back but as a grateful community we can take steps to honour their memory and ensure their sacrifice is acknowledged through a range of projects that benefit the wider community.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation Helipad at Portland District Health is one of these valuable projects.

We invite all Victorians to pause for a few moments on Blue Ribbon Day to remember those members of our Police Force who have paid a price beyond measure for safety in our community.

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