Rehab Group Members Urged To Take The Next Step

Thanks to Portland Observer for Supplying Photo
Friday, 9 June 2017
People who have been through rehabilitation programs in Portland are being urged to take the next step in their recovery.

Portland District Health’s exercise physiology team is helping the group members to continue their fitness in the community.

As part of an initiative of Exercise Sports Science Australia for Exercise Right Week, the PDH team will be introducing group members to different fitness opportunities around Portland.

PDH exercise physiologist Brooke Smith said it was about finding your perfect match with an exercise professional.

We are taking people who have been through rehabilitation groups or our one-on-one services to different community exercise options to give them a come-and-try taster, Ms Smith said.

We find that once people finish our rehab groups they are a bit nervous about continuing in the community. If we're there with them they might feel more comfortable and more likely to use those services post rehab.

The group members will be visiting YMCA and Snap gyms, PT at Home and Brenda’s Functional Fitness.

Exercise physiologists at Portland District Health offer one-on-one assessments, develop exercise programs that people can do at home or they can also accompany people to do a gym-based program.

They also run cardiac, pulmonary, diabetes, orthopaedic, ambulatory, falls prevention and oncology eight-week rehabilitation programs.

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