Quality Recognitions Awarded at AGM

Wendy Buckland and Annette Hinchcliffe - Quality Dept
Monday, 8 December 2014
PDH awarded and recognised individual staff and teams that were evaluated by surveryors and were marked 'Met with Merit' at our hospital accreditation during 2014. These awards were as follows:

'Development and management of an organisation-wide Quality Management System'

Wendy Buckland - Quality Coordinator

Annette Hinchcliffe - Quality Officer

Quality safety culture embedded in PDH staff

  • Issues are identified, education put in place and re-audits to show improvements.
  • A monthly Quality report with a wide range of clinical and non- clinical KPI's monitors the activities of the organisation.
  • PDH consistently scores better in external benchmarks against comparative health services or state-wide score.

'Best Practice Medication Management Program – Electronic Health Record'

Claire Holt - Health Information Manager

John Okaroh - Pharmacy Director

Gaynor Denboer - Education Nurse

Lena McCormack - Health Information Project Worker

  • Roll out and management of an Electronic Health Record incorporating medication ordering, dispensing and administration.
  • 80% patients medical record at PDH is Electronic
  • Electronic Sharing of Patients Discharge Summary with local GP
  • All tests and results online
  • National E-Health Authority Pilot Site supporting the Patient Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR)

'Preventing and controlling Healthcare Associated Infections – Antimicrobial Stewardship'

John Okaroh - Pharmacy Director

Loren Drought - Infection Control Nurse

  • Implementing a comprehensive antimicrobial stewardship program.
  • Antibiotics prescribing is well planned with the correct antibiotics ordered to combat the infection
  • Use of Antibiotics is reduced
  • Local infective organisms sensitivity profiles being developed

'Preventing and controlling Healthcare Associated Infections - Cleaning'

Barb James and her team in Environmental Services

  • An established environmental cleaning regime and audit schedule is in place.
  • Internal and external cleaning audits show consistently higher than comparable health services results.
  • Achieved the first ever 100% clean result from an external audit in Victoria
  • Development of an instructional 'cheat sheets' in the work environment to ensure a clean patient environment.

'Preventing and controlling Healthcare Associated Infections – Sterilisation'

Central Sterilising and Supply Department Staff

Management of a traceability system that identifies patients who have a procedure using sterile reusable medical instruments and devices using Medtrak

  • Comprehensive Sterilisations Audit Systems to ensure integrity of Sterile stock

'Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls'

Natalie Herbertson - Sub-Acute NUM

Alicia Tavare - Occupational Therapist

  • Comprehensive Patient Assessment and Management program to reduce falls and minimise harm for at-risk patients - Landing on your Feet

  • The "landing on your feet program" is recognised as innovative and has positive evaluation from consumers. On discharge those consumers identified as a falls risk can be referred into the community - Landing on your feet program offered by the OT department.

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