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Photo: Lindy Stuchbery, Anita Rank, Carrie Templeton & Brenda Oxford
Friday, 17 March 2017
Portland District Health, as part of SEA Change, is helping make being physically active easy to do.

Following on from the 2016 success of Fitness on the Field, Health Promotion staff have facilitated a collaboration between six fitness organisations, businesses and groups to deliver 'Fitness by the Sea'. The partnership involves Brenda's Functional Fitness, PT@HOME, Portland Parkrun, YMCA, Portland Runners Club and SNAP Fitness.

Fitness by the Sea commences at the Portland foreshore (near the Youth Complex) on Monday 3rd April, and finishes at the delightful Fawthrop Lagoon with Portland Parkrun, on Saturday 8th April. All activities are free.

This event was programmed to coincide with the Premier’s Active April and the Glenelg Shire Council's Holiday Program. Altogether, Portland people can access two weeks of fun packed activity.

Included in ‘Fitness by the Sea’, is a free community breakfast (Monday to Friday) delivered by YMCA. Portland District Health Exercise Physiologist (EP), will be attending both the foreshore and Fawthrop Lagoon events. An EP can treat and work with all people, from those who want to improve their health and wellbeing to those with, or at risk of developing, a chronic illness.

The role of the Health Promotion team this year was to step back from managing the delivery of the event, and instead, empower the many groups and organisations involved in physical activity to work together, thus enabling them to provide joint initiatives of this kind in the future. Of twelve community fitness groups approached, five were able to relocate their activities to the foreshore. A sixth group, Parkrun, requested the attendance of health professionals at events, and this has been made possible by the attendance of Amy Goetz at the Saturday event.

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