Portland Residents Reminded to Give Way At Helipad Lights

Wednesday, 15 June 2016
The Blue Ribbon Foundation Portland District Health Emergency Helipad is proving to be a life-saving success but not all drivers are doing the right thing.

The emergency helicopter has used the facility twice in recent weeks but on the second occasion a driver failed to stop for the red light.

The helicopter needs to hover across from the Ploughed Field to land on the helipad.

PDH CEO Chris Giles said the traffic signals were necessary for the safe arrival and departure of the helicopter and are only operational when the helicopter is either inbound or taking off.

The lights must be obeyed by motorists and pedestrians. Failing to stop could have serious repercussions, she said.

When operating, motorists can expect delays but detours via Percy Street from Tyers Street or Fern Street could be used as alternatives to Bentinck Street.

We call on the public to follow the new road rules not only for their safety but for the patients needing life-saving care,” Ms. Giles said.

The traffic lights will only be activated when the helicopter is entering or departing from PDH. This usually happens about once a month but it could happen at any time night of day.

The helipad was officially opened last December. It was dedicated as a permanent police memorial in memory of Senior Constable Mark Bateman who died with his partner Senior Constable Fiona Robinson in 2000 when their divisional van was involved in a crash while answering a priority one call at Northcote.

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