Podiatry at Portland District Health

Thursday, 24 April 2014
Monika and Peter Berry have been pleasantly surprised by the thoroughness of Portland District Health’s podiatry service.

I never knew how much was involved in podiatry, Mr Berry admitted.

I used to think it was just cutting toenails but there is so much more to it,he said. They check everything about our feet and make sure we are comfortable, even giving advice on the socks and shoes we should wear.

There is a whole lot of value-added service and we are very grateful for getting the whole package.

Both Monika and Peter regularly use the service and are very complimentary about the care they receive.

A diabetic, Mrs Berry has been using podiatry services for several years while Mr Berry started using the service more recently after a hip operation reduced his mobility.

Mrs Berry says senior podiatrist Nikki Edwards looks after our feet perfectly.

I have a lot of arthritis so need help with a few different things, and I've always had to have a check-up because of my diabetes.

They come out of each session with feet feeling like a million dollars.

It's the best service we’ve ever received, Mr Berry added. I'm staggered by how good my feet feel after you have someone care for them properly.

They also praise the services commitment to making life easy for patients.

We always get appointments at the same time to make it convenient for us, Mrs Berry said. They are very accommodating.

They receive reminders roughly every two months to make an appointment.

The couple moved to Portland about four years ago from Naracoorte where they ran landscaping and tearoom-gallery businesses. After initially running market stalls in Portland, they are now happily retired.

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