PDH Welcomes Funding For Intergrated Primary Care Service

Premier Dennis Napthine, Christine Giles (CEO) & Mike Noske (Chairman of Board)
Premier Dennis Napthine, Christine Giles (CEO), Mike Nsoke (Chairman of Board) & Allan Barrett (Board Director)
Monday, 22 September 2014
Portland District Health has welcomed new funding to create an integrated allied health and primary care precinct.

The State Government has announced $464,000 for PDH to relocate and integrate its primary care services creating a one-stop shop approach.

PDH CEO Chris Giles said there would be advantages for both clients and staff from consolidating the services into a primary care hub.

Allied and community health services to be co-located will include speech therapy, diabetes education, psychology services, dietitians, drug and alcohol services and cancer support.

The project will create nine new consulting rooms in a former nursing home next to Active Health Portland.

Ms Giles some of the services had been relocated from the former community health services building in Otway Street.

Bringing those services to the main site was the first part of providing a one-stop shop for health but they were located in many different areas. Bringing them together into a new easy-to-access precinct will make it much more convenient for everyone,” she said.

Ms Giles said some of the services were currently operating from unsuitable and outdated facilities.

This will give our staff and clients purpose-built facilities which will enhance our ability to deliver quality services, she said.

The health service also welcomed an additional $32,000 to assist with final plans for the Portland helipad project.

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