PDH’s Lucy Telfer and Sue Fechner demonstrate the new scope buddy equipment.
Monday, 3 September 2012
Portland District Health has further improved its surgical capacity with the purchase of new equipment.

The hospital’s operating suite has a range of new items that are being used in a variety of surgical procedures.

The new items include upgraded high delimitation scope cameras, arthroscope, a second minor laparscope tray, a new laparoscopic needle holder and a scope buddy for cleaning endoscopic equipment.

Director of Nursing Frank Megens said the new and upgraded items would improve the functioning of the operating suite.

“In some cases we have replaced ageing equipment and in some cases the items are new to our hospital,” Mr Megens said. “The whole package will work better for our surgical and nursing teams,” he added.

The new cameras will give surgeons the definition they require for laparoscopic surgery and have increased pixel and colour range.

The scope buddy reduces the amount of manual cleaning with a syringe and fluid of colonoscopies, which Mr Megens said was better for staff and produced a better result.

Two new arthroscopes have replaced items that needed repair and a new minor laparscope tray will improve turnover and replace ageing equipment.

A laparoscopic needle holder is a new item at PDH. Previously if one was required for surgery it had to be borrowed from a company or another hospital.

The items cost more than $30,000 and were funded from a bequest made to the hospital.

STORY BY Rick Bain. 




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