PDH Strategic Planning Day - 21 January 2016

Chris Giles - CEO, busy planning the future of PDH
Plenty of external parties participating
Friday, 5 February 2016
The Board of Management and Executive team at PDH were keen to get internal and external thoughts on the strategic directions that PDH should achieve over the next three years.

This is our community and it’s your health service

On 21 January we had over 50 staff leaders, other health service organisations, community organisations and consumers attend the day which was held at SW Tafe Portland.

A team from Conversant Consulting - Colin Pidd, Marie Larkins and Evelyn Jonkman facilitated the day and worked with us to ensure we got our 3 year plan right for the community and organisation.

Conversant believes today’s conversations lay the foundation for the future we build together and are the source of organisational value and results, this fits well with what we believe we can achieve for the Portland community and our organisation.

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