PDH Seeks Help For Funds To Improve Services

Tuesday, 1 December 2015
Retired Portland people with a penchant for fundraising now have the chance to help locals needing health care.

Portland District Health is calling on local volunteers to help prepare fundraising submissions to philanthropic trusts.

CEO Chris Giles said PDH could benefit in a variety of ways by accessing more support from trusts.

"To continue to grow our services and to make sure we have up-to-date equipment, PDH like many rural hospitals, relies on the support of the local community and often seeks assistance from philanthropic trusts," Ms Giles said.

"We're hoping some retired professionals in the Portland community can volunteer to help us to access this type of funding," she said.

"Formatting and writing applications to trusts can be a challenging exercise but I'm sure we have people in our community who would have expertise in this area and could assist in the process."

Anyone able to volunteer their support can contact Ms Giles on 55 210305.

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