PDH Rates Highly In New Survey

Thursday, 20 April 2017
Patients have given Portland District Health top marks with the latest survey showing the health service excelling in patient care.

The Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey (VHES) for October-December 2016 shows PDH recorded some of the best results in the state and made significant improvements over the previous year.

In every category PDH was above the state average, in some cases by more than 32 per cent.

PDH's nurses were singled out for particular praise with 100 per cent of adult inpatients saying the care and treatment they received from nurses was good or very good, compared to a state average of 96.4 per cent.

Overall care received good or very good ratings from 98.8 per cent of patients, compared to a Victorian average of 93.2 per cent. PDH's overall experience rating increased from 97.8 per cent in the same period in 2015.

CEO Chris Giles said the results reflected PDH’s commitment to providing safe high quality care.

The results of the VHES are something we look at carefully every quarter as they provide a good indication of how our patients experience our services,” Ms Giles said.

We use this feedback to refine and enhance our programs and are reassured when they come back consistently high.

The discharge process was a positive experience for 98.8 per cent of patients, nearly 12 per cent above the state average.

PDH also excelled in comparison with local rural hospital peer groups, with 96.2 per cent of patients saying they were not bothered by anything during their hospital stay compared to the local rural average of 87.8 per cent and a state average of just 63.4 per cent.

Patients also praised their opportunity to talk to nurses and said they had sufficient information about managing their health at home.

A total of 85.1 per cent of patients said they were involved in decisions about their discharge compared to a state average of 57.7 per cent.

PDH's cleanliness was also singled out for praise with 95.7 per cent of patients saying the toilets and bathrooms are very clean, compared to a state average of 66.3 per cent.

In comparison with the October-December 2015 period, PDH had made significant improvements in making arrangements for services on discharge, seeking permission if students accompanied a health professional and explaining the purpose of treatments before they were administered.

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