PDH Praised in Accreditation Review

Wednesday, 3 September 2014
Portland District Health has a lot to celebrate after undergoing its national accreditation review.

The review surveyors have praised most facets of the hospital’s operations, including many areas that have been upgraded since the 2012 review.

Ms Giles said it was expected that the surveyors would identify areas for improvement.

The surveyors found that re-organising rosters in the Urgent Care Centre would allow for a more in-depth patient hand-over by doctors at the start of each shift; and the PDH capacity framework document could be simplified to be more user friendly.

These will be addressed over the next 90 days. That is an expected part of the accreditation process and part of our continuous improvement."

"But we won't stop there. We will continue our ongoing work in all areas of PDH such as patient management, medical services, the Urgent Care Centre, collecting data and developing new operational plans to ensure we provide the best services to our community. Next time we want 'meets standard with merit' across the board", she said.

Surveyors noted that all recommendations made in 2012 by the previous survey team had been acted on appropriately.

The surveyors commended the excellent risk management initiatives introduced or enhanced over the past two years and said that best practice systems are embedded throughout the organisation and operating appropriately at all levels.

Infection control, electronic medication management, environmental management, falls management and management of pressure sores were among the areas commended by the surveyors.

The surveyors also congratulated PDH for agreeing to be surveyed on the five optional Equip National Standards in addition to the 10 core Standards.

During the survey a number of patients were asked for their list of the best things about PDH, and all nominated the wonderful care provided by nurses and doctors at the top of their lists.

There will be much in the report to celebrate and we look forward to PDH being accredited for the next four years come mid-November,Ms Giles added.

The final accreditation report is expected later this year.

CEO Chris Giles said "The interim survey results were very positive. There is a lot to celebrate and many achievements across PDH to be extremely proud of."

Most areas of operation have gained positive verbal recognition by the surveyors, including many elevated from `satisfactorily meets standards to `meets standards with merit.

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