Dr David Taylor
Thursday, 4 July 2013
After 50 years in medicine, Dr David Taylor has decided it’s time to enjoy a few of life’s more relaxing pleasures.

The Portland District Health physician is retiring at the end of June, taking with him five decades of positive memories.

“It has been a fascinating job and very rewarding,” Dr Taylor said. “But I’m 75 now and it’s time to stop working and look forward to doing other things I enjoy, such as reading, gardening and fixing up a few things around the place.”

Dr Taylor and his wife Gertrude Ann live on a 12-acre block just outside of Portland. “There’s always a lot to do there,” he said.

Dr Taylor moved from New Zealand to Portland in 1994, firstly working in private practice before becoming a PDH hospital physician in 2006.

“We like to live in smaller cities so Portland was perfect,” he said. “We had been in New Zealand for 10 years but smaller hospitals were being closed there at the time so Australia seemed like a better option.”

“I prefer to work in a salaried position in a hospital,” Dr Taylor said. “That way you can work as a specialist. It’s not a business so the work is separated from the money side of things.”

“Working in a hospital can be stressful but enjoyable just the same.”

Dr Taylor was raised on a mission hospital in Zimbabwe where his father was a priest and doctor.

He became a qualified doctor in 1963 and completed his specialist exams in London in 1967. He later went on to become a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in London and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. In 1980 he worked as a lecturer at the Durban Medical School in South Africa.

Dr Taylor has seen a world of difference in medicine since his early days in Zimbabwe.

“In a developing country like Zimbabwe there are lesser facilities and fewer specialists to consult for assistance,” he said.

“I think overall medical care has improved considerably over my time. There are more specialists and experts today who you can contact for another opinion if needed.”

Dr Taylor has also enjoyed passing on his experience to younger medical staff. “Teaching has always interested me and I have enjoyed supporting junior doctors here in Portland,” he said.

Dr Taylor said his time at PDH had been amongst the best of his long career.

“It is an excellent hospital with a good team which has a very good attitude and good morale,” he said.

“The standard of care is excellent and it has been a great place to work.”

STORY BY Rick Bain

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