PDH Continence Nurse

Jenny Robert - Continence Nurse
Monday, 3 August 2015
Portland families can access a new solution for bed-wetting problems.

The Portland District Health Continence Nurse Advisor Service has recently purchased an enuresis (bed wetting) alarm for children, which is now available for hire in the community.

Continence Nurse Advisor Jenny Roberts said the alarm was usually used for children aged over seven and was an effective method in breaking the bed wetting habit.

The alarm is placed on the bed and if the child has an accident it triggers a loud bell designed to wake the child.

It alerts them and their family to the fact they’re having an accident and they can get to the toilet and stop the habit, Ms Roberts said.

Children who wet the bed are usually very deep sleepers.

The alarm is often introduced after a thorough program of other measures designed to address the issue.

This is the first time PDH has been able to offer the alarm for hire in the local community.

There is a constant need for the alarm; we probably have a request every two weeks, Ms Roberts said.

Previously people have needed to go to Warrnambool or Hamilton to access this service.

Ms Roberts said there would be a small fee but it was a small cost compared to having bed-wetting as an ongoing issue.

Ms Roberts is a qualified continence advisor and has been working in the field for the past five years. She also has credentials in the state-wide equipment referral program and is continuing the advice service for PDH while fellow advisor Helen Anderson is on leave.

The service is not just for children.

It's a big area of demand, Ms Roberts said. We also aim to assist all adults with their incontinence and urology issues.

Urologist Mr Paul Kearns is also continuing to visit PDH each month for a schedule of surgical appointments and an outpatient clinic.

The continence service can be contacted at the Portland District Health Allied Health centre on 5521 0653.

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