PDH Consumer Committee Works On Parking Issues

Friday, 9 June 2017
The Portland District Health Consumer Advisory Committee hopes to make it easier for consumers to park while accessing services.

The committee has been actively pursuing improvements to parking around PDH and has released details of special parking opportunities that can ease the burden on visitors.

The PDH parking map shows where people can park, including disabled parking, drop off points, permits for dialysis and chemotherapy patients, other access points.

The committee helped to introduce parking passes for people undergoing chemotherapy and dialysis treatment.

The passes approved under a joint PDH and Glenelg Shire Council initiative allow patients to stay in the two-hour parks close to the PDH entrance for up to 24 hours and not be fined.

Quality Officer Annette Hinchcliffe said the committee was working with PDH management to ease the pressure on parking.

We understand that parking can be an issue and want to have the best options available to all people who attend PDH,” Ms Hinchcliffe said.

There are a number of parks designated for disabled drivers, along with drop-off points near the Urgent Care Centre and the Consulting Suite to make access as easy as possible for people with mobility issues.

Car parking around PDH is regularly monitored by council staff and PDH to ensure people are not misusing designated disabled and drop-off zones.

The parking map will be included in the new patient information handbook.

PDH car parking map link: http://swarh.com.au/pdh/documents/pdh-car-parking-map

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