PDH Child Birth Classes - Commences 2 Sept

Tuesday, 1 September 2015
With the upswing in new baby arrivals in Portland, the Portland District Health child birth classes are following a similar upwards path.

With the upswing in new baby arrivals in Portland, the Portland District Health child birth classes are following a similar onwards path.

The latest four-week program commences on September 2 and will help new parents to learn about labour and birth, parenting, breast feeding and interventions.

There are 11 couples booked, one of the biggest groups in recent times.

Midwifery coordinator Colleen Hanmer said there was a lot of interest in the program which provides important information to make the birth process easier for parents.

We go through normal labour and birth and interventions that may be needed, such as pain relief or caesarean, she said.

Maternal Child and Health Care nurses, Breast Feeding Australia Portland representatives and Baby Makes 3 leaders will also speak to the new parents.

There will also be a tour of the PDH birthing facilities to make sure parents are comfortable in the environment.

One of the guest speakers during the program will be Baby Makes 3 program facilitator Pauline Rowe

Mrs Rowe, who has welcomed three new grandchildren of her own into the world this year which brings her grand tally to five, said Baby Makes 3 aimed to assist parents to make the transition from being a couple to being a family.

It focuses on the parents and their relationship and all the changes and challenges they have to face,she said.

This differs from the information about having the baby and caring for the baby; it brings it back to focus on the parents.

The session will help new parents to navigate the major lifestyle change, including lack of sleep, how the changes might impact on the couple’s relationship, who does what in the household, communication skills, managing stress, and expectations.

The needs of parents can sometimes go on the backburner because they’re so focused on caring for their new baby,Mrs Rowe said.

Birth numbers continue to improve in Portland. In the first two months of this financial year there have been 14 new babies compared to seven for the same time last year. In 2014-15 there were a total of 64 babies born at PDH compared to 29 the previous financial year.

The classes run from 7-9pm on Wednesdays at PDH.

People wanting to find out more about the classes can contact 5521 0691.

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