PDH Boss Urges Locals to Use Local Hospital

Tuesday, 26 November 2013
Portland District Health president Mike Noske has made an impassioned appeal to the local community to consider local options first before going out of the city to have surgical procedures.

He made the plea at the end of the PDH Annual AGM on Thursday 14 November, before repeating and expanding on the issue on Friday.  Mr Noske urged people to become ambassadors for the facility, if they heard people were travelling to other centres for treatment.

Mr Noske couldn't understand why GP's were referring patients out of town ... we should be their first port of call, for which the doctors receive updated lists as to what procedures can be performed safely at PDH.

PDH have approx 26 visiting specialist and surgeons who are credentialed to work at PDH ... we have worked extremely hard in recent years to build up a critical mass of specialists and surgeons to provide services in Portland so people of the Portland community don't have to travel long distances.

It is a situation of use it or lose it, not the hospital because no-one is going to leave a community of 10,000 people without a hospital, but it will impact on services, and our ability to attract and retain specialists and surgeons.

If you GP is referring you out of town, ask if the same procedure can be performed in Portland in a timely, safe manner and in most instances, I think you will be pleasantly surpised.

PDH would like the community to embrace their hospital and support the wonderful facilities that they have.  We have a wide range of services which continues to grow each year.

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