PDH Achieves Star Weave Community Status

Friday, 21 April 2017
Portland is now officially a Star Weave Community after making more than 10,000 stars for the One Million Stars to End Violence project.

There are 206 communities across 11 countries registered to try to achieve this status, with many more communities across the world making smaller numbers to achieve the end result of One Million Stars.

The project led locally by Portland District Health created to a total of 12,912 stars being made.

PDH organiser Carolyn Malseed said the response had been amazing.

There has been a lot of community spirit behind this project, Ms Malseed said. It has been a lovely project to be part of and the support from the community and particularly several individual champions who came to the fore has been quite overwhelming.

One of those champions was Grade 6 student at Bolwarra Primary School, Talisha Hockley, who gained permission of her principal to lead the school in the project.Talisha encouraged other students to help make the stars and then worked with the younger students who painted these.The school made 200 stars with Talisha's leadership.

We pledged to make 10,000 stars and to go past that figure is a very impressive indication of the community support.

One Million Stars is a community project about individuals, groups and communities joining in the conversation of ending violence across the world and to weave one million stars by July 2017.

The stars made locally will be part of an installation at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018.

The One Million Stars campaign builds on PDH’s involvement in the White Ribbon program which seeks to end violence against women.

One Million Stars seeks to end all forms of violence against all members of the community, including violence against women, bullying and racism.

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