Palliative Care Memorial Service

From Left: Pauline Gottwaltz,Suise Hateley,Nicole Evans(Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Consultant),Jeanette Beauglehole Ida Tevelein,Gail Baulch,Peta Barker(Palliative Care Volunteer Coordinator)Absent Margie Oates
Jo Spurge (Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Consultant) was part of this very special service.
Faith Sutterby joins in the readings at the Memorial Service.
Tuesday, 14 August 2012
The Portland District Health Community Palliative Care team held our first memorial service since 2008, on 21 May 2012.

We organised this service as part of our Palliative Care bereavement program. 

The purpose of the memorial service is for bereaved family members, Community Palliative Care Nurses and volunteers to come together to remember the family loved ones we have cared for.

Community Palliative Care is a specialised health care provided to patients with a life limiting illness, and their families, to support the patient to continue living at home.

When an illness cannot be cured, the focus of care is directed to the patient having the best quality of life possible.

Palliative Care maintains quality of life by addressing physical symptoms, such as pain or nausea, as well as helping with emotional, spiritual and social needs.

We plan to hold a memorial service every 12 months. 

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