Ophthalmology Service Under Review

Friday, 4 September 2015
Portland District Health is reviewing its ophthalmology service to ensure it remains financially viable into the future.

Acting CEO Lee Vause said the service would continue to be provided but may be in a restructured form.

Mr Vause said PDH had been reviewing and assessing the financial viability of the current ophthalmology service and had determined that it could not continue in its present form.

We will be taking steps to restructure the service to ensure it can be provided to the community in the future, she said.

"Services will continue to be offered though it may be slightly reduced in the short term," she said.

The number of available operating theatre sessions at PDH will be reduced but Ms Vause assured local residents the service would be continuing.

We are contacting all patients to provide details of the visiting ophthalmologists who will continue to provide the service, she said.

PDH is continuing to consult with the visiting ophthalmologists about the review.

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