Oncology Rehab Helps Simone

Photo: Simone Bannam
Thursday, 1 September 2016
After more than two years of battling breast cancer, Simone Bannam is determined to make the most of every day.

Her latest tests have given Simone a clean bill of health and she’s determined to get back to her former active and healthy best, especially with a young grandson to keep her busy.

The former hairdresser has now retired. I'm enjoying life now; living every day as if it's my last, she said.

She's also getting fitter thanks to Portland District Health's oncology rehabilitation group.

I wanted to get into fitness and the normality of life after being sick, she said.

Ms Bannam finished treatment in March and with the cancer in remission she has been taking little steps on the road back to full fitness.

Fatigue when you have cancer is a major thing so I've been slow at getting back into it,she said.

Four weeks into the program, Simone says she already feels stronger and fitter.

I was running six kilometres a day and to go back to just walking and be tired after a couple of kilometres blows your mind, she said.

The eight-week rehabilitation program assists in many ways.

We do weights, cross trainer, bike, treadmill, a real cross-training program but suited to what you need,Simone said.

The group aims to help people who have been diagnosed with cancer to get their life back on track.

Exercise programs cater for specific levels of fitness and ability and the program includes educational topics delivered by different health professionals.

The program helps people to increase understanding of cancer and how to manage living with it, improves energy and stamina to complete daily living activities, increase understanding of nutrition and provides strategies to cope with fatigue and stress.

Self-referrals are accepted, although a referral from a GP or oncologist is encouraged.

PDH cancer support nurse Brooke Kelly recommended Simone undertake the program, which has had the additional benefit of opening a new social network.

It's lovely to have a chat and meet new friends,Simone said.

People can contact Cancer Support Nurse Brooke Kelly on PH:55 210 674 or Intake 55 210 653 for more information.

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