No Lift Campaign At Portland District Health

Wednesday, 26 November 2014
A No Lift November campaign at Portland District Health has been designed to ensure patient safety and avoid staff injury.

Portland District Health has operated a no lift program for many years, however the re vamped program includes upgrade and implementation of new resources and a face-to-face assessment model.

The intensive program has involved widespread training across all departments in the health service. Staff who are required to move, transfer or lift patients must undertake this training as a core competency.

Education Manager Lauren Newman said all staff involved in lifting or transferring patients have undertaken a new three-pronged training program that includes viewing an instructional video, completing assessment questions and undertaking a practical assessment.

Eleven PDH staff completed a two-day No Lift System training program, in a train the trainer model. The trained assessors are able to support practical assessments and be key resource persons to staff across the organisation.

Unfortunately, the health care industry experiences high injury rates to health care workers involved in moving and handling patients and materials. Safe moving, lifting and transferring patients is governed by OHS legislation and underpinned by organisational policy.

The training covers ways to support patients who can assist themselves through to those who are unable to assist in the moving process.

Ms Newman said the delivery program had been re framed to ensure consistency across the entire PDH organisation.

We are very aware of the need to keep patients safe but we also need to be mindful of avoiding injuries to staff, she said.

Lifting patients is a difficult procedure for health practitioners and we strive to make it as safe as possible. Use of appropriate equipment and ensuring the patient is aware of why we need to embrace a no lift culture are the key ingredients to safe practice. Adopting the No Lift November theme has ensured we focus our attention on getting it right across the entire organisation.

PDH has purchased equipment to make the process safe, including slide sheets, slings and a variety of hoists including ceiling mounted devices, mobile electrical devices and transfer devices.

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