New Visiting Plastic Surgeon from Adelaide

Mr Peter Riddell - Plastic Surgeon
Friday, 18 September 2015
A chance stop in Portland to avoid strong winds at sea has led to a new plastic surgery service for the region.

After seeking refuge from the windstorm, Adelaide-based plastic and reconstructive surgeon Mr Peter Riddell will now visit Portland District Health every month.

I was sailing a boat from Adelaide to Sydney to do the Sydney-Hobart boat race last year and stopped in Portland because of gale-force winds going through, Mr Riddell said.

While we were there we dropped in to see the hospital and were really impressed with the place and the people.

They were so impressed that after completing the race Mr Riddell and his wife, general surgeon Phillippa Rabbitt, made a return visit to Portland which eventually led to the new service.

My wife has relatives at Macarthur but I still haven’t come to Portland by land, he joked.

After joining the monthly roster of visiting specialists, Mr Riddell will fly from Adelaide to Mt Gambier and then travel to Portland by car with volunteer drivers.

Mr Riddell will perform mostly hand and skin cancer surgery in Portland. My interests are in the reconstructive side of the specialty rather than cosmetic, he said. I expect hand conditions and skin cancer management will be the most common problems a plastic surgeon is likely to see in the Portland region."

Hand and skin cancer seem to be the most common problems in the Portland region.

Mr Riddell has a considerable general surgical background and has specialised in plastic and reconstructive surgery since 2004.

He is based at the Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide as a visiting medical officer in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and also has a private practice at Flinders Private Hospital.

Mr Riddell will visit Portland District Health two days each month, for day case and short-stay procedures and for consultations.

People can book appointments directly through PDH Specialist Centre on PH: 5522 1410 and need a referral from their GP.

Mr Riddell said he was looking forward to working in the area and rekindling his connection to Portland.

He eventually made the Sydney-Hobart race and achieved a good result.

We have a 60-year-old boat. It was the last to finish across the line but a lot retired behind us. It was the boat's 15th race and this was its personal best time.

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