New Quality Manager & Infection Control Nurse at PDH

From Left: Loren Drought-Quality Manager and Michelle Punton-Infection Control Nurse (photo supplied by Portland Observer)
Tuesday, 1 March 2016
A career-long commitment to quality control has led Loren Drought to her new role at Portland District Health.

Loren has been appointed as Quality Manager but will continue to coordinate the Infection Control Department, a position she has held for the past five years.

Michelle Punton has been appointed to the position of Infection Control Nurse to assist Loren in the Infection Control Department.

These appointments are a natural progression for both long-term employees.

Infection control is very much about quality control and minimising risk. The Quality Manager's role allows me to broaden my focus from a single department to the whole of the organisation.

Loren's aim of the Quality Department is to achieve the best possible outcomes for consumers and we endeavour to include the patient/client at every stage of their health care journey to have input into their own care.

PDH take quality, safety and risk seriously and work as a team to ensure we have the safest possible processes, procedures and environment for staff and consumers.

PDH has an excellent reputation for quality control resulting in PDH achieving full accreditation in 2014 with The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards. Quality care certainly doesn't stop after accreditation as the aim is to ensure everything we do has a quality focus to improve what we do.

Loren's new role is guided by the national accreditation four year cycle which also includes risk management, legislative compliance and responding to consumer feedback.

Loren has been with PDH for nearly 20 years, starting as a perioperative nurse and then moving to the infection control role about five years ago.

Michelle is in her 31st year with PDH, commencing as a nurse on the wards, before moving to the operating suite, specialising in the sterilising department.  Michelle has also undertaken various TAFE courses and completed her Bachelor of Nursing through Deakin University.

This new role builds on her existing experience in the sterilisation department. PDH always ensure decontamination and sterilisation procedures are undertaken to the highest standard to minimise risk and to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

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