New President For PDH Board of Management

Friday, 5 December 2014
New President of the Portland District Health Board of Management, Dr Michelle Kearney, says having the right professional health workforce in place is the key to future success.

Dr Kearney replaces Mike Noske in the role and says she has big shoes to fill.

Mr Noske plans to retire from the Board of Management next June and will mentor Dr Kearney over the coming six months.

Mike has been a positive mentor for the rest of the board and has worked intelligently around succession planning to make certain we each have a detailed picture of a significant part of the hospital,she said. That's why we work well together.

The Bayview College Principal joined the PDH Board in July last year and became chair of the risk and audit committee within two months and junior deputy chair earlier this year.

It has been a huge learning curve but also incredibly fulfilling, she said.

Dr Kearney said attracting and sustaining a professional workforce was the key to the health services success.

The ongoing challenge for PDH, like many rural health services, is attracting and sustaining a quality workforce. Once we get that right we can provide the service delivery we want to achieve and then address the financial difficulties that come with not having a stable workforce, she said.

It's pivotal to have the right workforce to be able to give the quality of care required by our community, and then we’ll be able to deliver a good financial outcome as well.

Dr Kearney said PDH was making good ground in recruiting the right staff to provide services for the community.

Since CEO Chris Giles has been appointed she's done an amazing job and achieved a great deal in that area, she said.

The executive has done a great job in trying to understand the health needs of our community and developing a workforce for that.

Dr Kearney said the community had identified improved maternity provision as a high priority. This year we have achieved a lot more in that area,she added.

Other priorities include continuing the chemotherapy service, the promotion of healthier lifestyles in the SEA Change initiative, ensuring the service has the best model for aged care, and better managing theatre time and the use of surgeons.

PDH CEO Chris Giles paid tribute to the dedicated service, commitment and passion shown by Mr Noske as President. “He has made a tremendous contribution to the organisation, in supporting and encouraging the executive team and to the wider Portland community. He has also supported and mentored many new board members to ensure that the PDH has a good succession plan and wise and astute governance,Ms Giles said.

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