New PDH Strategic Plan Sets A Healthy Vision For The Community

Wednesday, 1 February 2017
Portland District Health has set a healthy vision for the local community with the launch of its new 2017-2020 strategic plan.

The plan adopts a new vision under the banner `Our Community, Your Health’ with a strong focus on the health and wellbeing of local people.

The innovative plan makes a five-pronged commitment to surpass, connect, learn, create and be responsible and to value wisdom, compassion and courage.

PDH president Michelle Kearney said the plan was about taking developmental steps to advance existing practices and to unlock potential by working together with patients, people and partners.

Our firm belief is that we are better together than we are apart, Ms Kearney said.

The plan was developed under the guidance of a working party and included contributions from more than 100 people.

CEO Chris Giles said the vision of the organisation was no longer centred just on providing health services but would be more focussed around community health needs and how individuals can improve their health.

Our focus is much more around the health and wellbeing of local people,Ms Giles said. The strategic plan embraces health promotion and improving our lifestyle and eating habits, not just providing services when someone gets sick.

It also sets out a way we can be courageous in embracing opportunities and creating solutions.

The plan sets out a vision to ensure PDH surpasses expectations in ensuring people experience safe and high quality care.

It highlights the importance of collaboration and developing partnerships and relationships to ensure people can move seamlessly from PDH to other health services and to maintain and develop the PDH workforce.

The plan recognises that providing health care requires life-long learning. We want to be contemporary and make sure what we're bringing to the community is the best service using all the technology and learning we gather from all over the world, Ms Giles said.

PDH also aims for innovation and finding solutions to problems and creating the best way to deliver services.

The plan also calls on PDH to be responsible in meeting or exceeding expectations of the community, government and regulatory bodies.

All of the commitments are to be delivered with wisdom, compassion and courage.

Ms Giles said PDH was pleased with the involvement of the community in the strategic planning process and wanted to continue that close consultation.

It's not a static process, she said. Each year we will review it and we will respond to feedback from the community.

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