New Obstetrician for Portland

Dr Ghazala
Wednesday, 8 August 2012
Portland District Health (PDH) has been boosted by the arrival of a new doctor who aims to bolster the district’s obstetrics service.

But getting to Portland hasn’t been easy for Dr Ghazala Irshad.

While returning home to her native Pakistan earlier in the year before taking up her Portland appointment, Dr Irshad fell and broke two bones in her ankle.

Previous reports that she was involved in a car accident were incorrect: however the end result was just as painful.

“I was home in Pakistan in March visiting my family, I was walking up the stairs when I fell on a step and fractured my ankle. I had to have surgery and was laid up for six weeks” she said.

Luckily the surgery and rehabilitation program have worked and Dr Irshad has made a full recovery.

However, the injury caused a serious delay in her plans and Dr Irshad wasn’t able to start in her new role in Portland until recently.

Dr Irshad said she expected to soon be in a position to provide a full obstetrics service in Portland which she hopes would coincide with the arrival of a new anaesthetist.

“I have been contracted to PDH as an obstetrician and am looking forward to helping women of Portland” she said.

At the moment she is working with Warrnambool Base Hospital’s Director of Obstetrics services Dr Michael Koutsoukis where she is establishing her scope of practice.

She is also providing ante-natal services in Portland.

In moving to Portland, Dr Irshad joins her sister Dr Fariha Irshad who works as a GP in the city.

PDH is continuing to provide an obstetrics service which includes the transfer of some mothers to Warrnambool Base Hospital to deliver their babies.

Prior to coming to Portland Dr Irshad spent 12 months at the Sunshine Hospital in Melbourne.

She has 14 years’ experience in obstetrics and gynaecology.  Most recently Dr Irshad has been working on completing her Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists part two qualifications.

STORY BY Portland Observer

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