New Monitoring Equipment at PDH

Wednesday, 12 February 2014
Patients at Portland District Health will be closely monitored by a new “state of the art” monitoring system.

The new system, which includes telemetry monitoring, is able to record patient vital signs at the bedside as well as via telemetry thereby enabling patients to be mobile within the ward while remaining under close monitored supervision

Four of the monitors are in North ward and six in the Accident and Emergency Department.

Director of Nursing Frank Megens said the monitors record heart rates, blood pressure, rate of breathing and oxygen levels and carbon dioxide levels.

They are very useful devices which allow our nursing staff to monitor different parameters of our patients and keep an eye on any potential problems, Mr Megens said.

The telemetry system is particularly useful as it gives the patient freedom to get up and about whilst still being monitored at the nurses station, he added.

The equipment was funded from the Simmons bequest.

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