New Holter Monitors Helps Observe Patients With Heart Problems

PDH Consulting Suite Pracitce Manager, Robyn McCabe & Consultant Physician, Dr Aruna Muthumala
Thursday, 6 October 2016
A new monitoring system at Portland District Health is making sure people with heart conditions are being properly observed around the clock.

PDH now has two Holter monitors which record the ECG of patients over a 24-hour period. The ECG, or electrocardiography, records the electrical activity of the heart.

The Holter monitor will record every heart beat while it is being worn. It is an important device as it monitors any abnormal beats or rhythms during the 24-hour period.

With two of the monitors, PDH can now perform the test on up to four patients per week.

The Holter is used to monitor symptoms to see if they are related to a heart condition. It is also used to monitor a pacemaker or defibrillator activity.

The system assesses if medications are properly controlling a patient's symptoms.

The ambulatory ECG monitoring system is easy to attach, taking only about 20 minutes. People are then advised to try to do what they would normally do in a day before returning to PDH the next morning to have the monitor removed.

They are small enough to be portable and can be worn without too much discomfort.

PDH's consultant cardiologist Dr Naveen Sharma is supervising the program and assesses all the reports.

PDH Consulting Suites Practice Manager, Robyn McCabe attaches and removes the monitor for clients.

In a short period since its introduction at PDH, six people have successfully worn the 24-hour cardiac monitoring device.

There are no known risks associated with the Holter monitors.

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