New Health Promotion Leader at PDH

Thursday, 7 May 2015
Newly appointed health promotion team leader at Portland District Health, Lindy Stuchbery, is revelling in helping the community she loves.

Ms Stuchbery has worked extensively in community development. Before joining PDH as part of the Sea Change (Sustainable Eating and Activity Change) team, she worked with Heywood Rural Health on a healthy eating and physical activity programs.

This included helping to start a community garden, walking school bus, bicycle recycling, men's health and food swap programs.

The small but effective health promotion team put in place programs that encourage the community to be more active, eat healthier food and connect more with each other, which is good for mental health and wellbeing,Ms Stuchbery said.

The move to Portland has been equally inspiring. I love Portland and I love doing anything that makes it a better place to live, she said.

Ms Stuchbery said her work in Heywood paved the way for her involvement in Sea Change

While Ms Stuchbery personally pursues a healthy lifestyle with bike riding and eating healthy food, she says that being able to do expand this interest in work has been a great opportunity.

Having that passion and interest and being able to harness the skills and enthusiasm of people in the community is something I’ve found really rewarding,she said.

SEA Change connects with I find the right people, sows the seeds of an idea and then helps it to evolve. SEA Change takes that organic approach using the Collective Impact method. You can’t just tell people they have to do something (concerning their health); you have to find the people who are passionate and then encourage and assist them to inspire others.

I've definitely seen that passion here.

Ms Stuchbery said it was important to undertake health promotion activities that are sustainable. If the community wants it, it will work and SEA Change is working.

The health promotion team includes Phoebe Nagorcka-Smith and Graeme Learmont and has been even further enhanced recently by the addition of exercise physiologist Shae Johnson.

Shae's role as an exercise physiologist will really complement the health promotion team and benefit SEA Change, Ms Stuchbery said. 

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